How To Beat Depression

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Depressive state

In this article, I write about my personal experiences with depression, and about how I have learned to cope and to even eradicate it. I am sure that I am not alone in the fact that I have regular periods of my life when I am depressed, but knowing this fact does not make it any easier for me. I hope you enjoy reading this article.

I have recently spoken to my parents about my struggle with depression. Depression seems to be a dominant trait in my family, as said by my mum.

Just last week, I  suffered from a severe bout of this depression. However, from it was a truckload of lessons.  This period of my life seemed like the dark tunnel I always heard about. It was one to another. All hope seemed lost so I resented having a night out with my friends. The plan was to get drunk.

The next day, I felt really ill and hungover after having a very late night and as planned a huge amount of alcohol. I struggled to stay awake the whole day and as the day wore on I became even more depressed. I was overwhelmed by so much negativity in my head and even the fluids flowing in my body didn’t act otherwise.

Alcohol is never a remedy to depression, not even in excess.

When I was speaking to my parents about my latest period of anxiety and depression, their advice was very relieving. Thinking through every aspect of my life that I wasn’t impressed about was the first step they gave me. Talking about it and proffering solutions got me a step closer to my recovery and that was quite helpful.

It has been an attitude I have inculcated but not an easy one. Speaking up about my fears and having them starved while I focus on the positive side of life can only aid a happier and less depressing journey of life.

Depression, I will never want to experience that ever again. The sleepless nights, fatigue, low motivation, self-denial can take a toll on one’s health and productivity.


Seeking help and counsel, surrounding myself with families and friends that encourage and support me, staying positive and optimistic are ways I have devised to enjoy and live a depression-free life.

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