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In the past weeks we have viewed both heart diseases and cancer; today we have in view the third health threat that affects men across all ages.


Though a leading cause of death for men and reported being the third leading cause of men in 2009 behind heart diseases and cancer according to the CDC. Many unintentional injuries can be easily prevented as the key to minimizing the risk of death is to use common sense and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Injuries in this category include, for example, injuries due to falls, fire and impaired driving as a result of alcohol, fatigue, drug use, texting while driving etc.   Simple actions like wearing a seatbelt while in a car, wearing a helmet when cycling, skiing, skateboarding, or other activities where head injuries occur help decrease the risk of death in an accident.

The CDC recommends some preventative steps based on the most frequent causes of accidents (fall and Fire) that has led to death among men:

  • Exercise regularly that improves strength and balance are especially good
  • Drink only in moderation.
  • Always ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medicines with you so as to know relevant side effects and interactions.
  • Have regular eye checkup with your doctor at least once a year.
  • Encourage proper lighting in your home.
  • Limit hazards in your home that can lead to falls.
  • Install smoke alarms because half of home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms.
  • Making sure that wet/slippery floors are cleaned properly, stair railings are secure, and walks and driveways are well maintained.

Basically, most accidents that happen around the house or workplace can be decreased through easy fixes and routine prevention; keep a keen eye for hazards and always report appropriately or rectify if it’s within your capacity to do so.

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